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How to tie a round Haori himo with pompom

(A round haori-himo can be worn on formal and casual occasions)

Knot with 4 rings / double knot
Knot with 2 rings / single knot

Once more, the single and double knot versions

Round Himo single knot / 2 rings
This is a nice and formal knot. A standard.

Step 1
Take your himo, put them together and fold them at about the width of your hand.

Step 2
Hold them with one hand with the pompoms at the front. Take the right back himo, make it a loop around the whole thing and make it go under its start to make a knot. Tighten.

Step 3
Do the same with the left himo, tighten, and you're done!



Round Himo double knot / 4 rings
A formal and rich knot.
Some people don't like to wear this knot for their wedding because they say you only ever marry one time.

Step 1
Take your himo, put them together and fold them at about the width of your hand.
Step 2
Turn it around and hold it with one hand. Make a tiny loop with both himo behind the pompoms.
hold that loop by placing a finger within.
Step 3
Turn it around so that the pompoms are facing you. Make a first loop around the whole thing with both himo. Be careful not to loose the first tiny loop we made behind the pompoms.
Step 4
Make a second loop around.
Step 5
Turn the thing around have make both himo go through the tiny loop we made at the beginning.
Step 6
Step 7
And you're done

The original page where these images came from can be found at Immortal Geisha forum

* When the Haori pom pom is crumpled
What if I come to this, let's rely on the steam to the portion of the bunch. This is suitable good to held over the mouth of the boiling to have a kettle, it would be good to rely a little release the iron of steam (it'd better not press directly bunch with an iron). And it becomes exactly 100% original and can not be guaranteed, but in so became bunches, to return to the somehow the original as in the photo below.

* Attaching the Haori-himo ends to the Haori jacket.