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Welcome to this informational website made for male kimono wearers.

Old photo Japan puttin on a kimono 着物の着付け方

How to wear a men's kimono
A step by step introduction on how to actually put on a kimono.

Old photo Japan of backview of 3 women and girl in kimono どのように結び目を結ぶか

How to tie the knot
Instructions on how to create the knots for your obi, hakama or haori that are availble for men.

Old photo Japan of folding a kimono 折り畳みおよびストレージ

How to care for a Kimono
How to fold your kimono clothing and accessories and where to store them.

Old photo Japan of women washing kimono 着物洗浄

How to clean
Cleaning your kimono, tips, warnings and a bit of history.

Old photo Japan dancing practice マナーと振る舞い

Men's manners and behavior
What to dress at a special occasion, behavior in public, formality levels and which kimono for which season.

Old photo japan of nurikabe blocking passage of two kimono ladies 少しの歴史

Little bit of history
Some history about the kimono that i found at wikipedia until i am confident enough to write my own text.

Old photo Japan of selling kimono 着物の生地と模様

Men's Kimono fabric, patterns and shops
So you want to buy a kimono, let's find out what kind of fabrics and patterns are available for men's kimono and an indication on the price range.

Old photo Japan of family in kimono 用語集

A little more background on the terms/items used on this site. Also handy for a quick kanji lookup of kimono items.

Kimono size conversion and matching colors 色々な

How to tie up the sleeves when working, what kimono coats are there, men and colors and more random subjects.

Vintage photo 利便性の為

For your convenience
(modern) kimono accessory variations when you want to catch a break.

Kimono sewing 日曜大工

Do It Yourself
at turtle speed

Old photo japan of writing 本や映画など他のメディア

Books, Films and other media
Some very nice kimono video's and books focussed on men. Sadly the books are often not translated into English.

Links to other kimono pages 他の着物のページへのリンク

Links to other kimono pages
Other sites that contain (some) information about Kimono for the male population.

Old photo japan of writing 模擬試験問題

Kimono Exam practice questions
After discovering so much about the Kimono, you are wondering is there a kimono exam. There is!