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For your convenience: (modern) kimono accessory variations

Slowly kimono accessories variations are starting to appear on the market to make it easier to convince today's crowd to start wearing a kimono again.

Suzuro koshihimo - すずろ腰紐
suzuro koshihimo koshi himo with elastic band suzuro koshihimo closeup

This koshihimo with a flexible and anti-slip midsection is a relieve for the body. No more uncomfortable moments after a satisfied meal or after a few beers when your stomach has expanded a bit. Thanks to the anti-slip section this belt will stay at it's place during the day.

Length: 218cm, width: 3.5cm
Mid section material : Polyester 90% polyurethane 10%, outer parts : wool 100%

Kitsuke belt - 着付けベルト
kitsuke belt package kitsuke belt kistuke belt worn

A men's kimono dressing belt - 紳士用着物ベルト. Another handy invention to make life easier while dressing and wearing a kimono. The kitstuke-belt has a dual purpose, first it acts like a elastic koshi-himo. Keeping the juban garment together. Secondly, the extra added clip can be attached to the colar to make sure it stays in the right postion and does not wander off in the depts of your kimono. If you haven't found out, you will soon enough. The collar of the juban (under kimono) does not usually stay in the perfect position after some time walking and sitting.

Length: 57cm (in rest) 90cm (stretched), width: 3cm
Material : Nylon 100%, rubber, fittings: Stainless steel

Suzuro datejime - すずろ伊達締め
suzuro datejime package datejime with elastic band cloesup suzuro datejime

Stretchable and very thin datejime. Does not slip or collapse while wearing thanks to a special weave that gives it an excellent elasticity. Tightens with ease thanks to the Velcro parts.
It does not include sulfide agent commonly used in conventional products so that it can be used with confidence in expensive kimono and obi.

Length: (S) 75cm (M) 85cm (L) 100cm (LL) 110cm, width: 9.5cm
Material: 90% polyester, 10% polyurethane

Pure silk datejime - 正絹 伊達締め
pure silk datejime pure silk datejime colored pure silk datejime clear view of pure silk datejime

A very thin but firm belt without velcron straps that comes in a 1 size fits all. No more sweating in winter or summer due to a warm belt on the stomach.

Length: 220cm, width: 9.5cm
Material: silk 100%

Hemp/linen datejime - 麻 伊達じめ
datejime package several colored datajime white datejime

Perfect for the hot season, heat is hardly confined and has an excellent ventilation, you can use with confidence even in the summer. The fabric is also resistant to moths and other insects.

Length: (M) 215cm (L) 240cm, width: 10cm
Material: linen/hemp 100%, padding: paneron core ? (パネロン芯)

Pure silk (summer) kakuobi - 正絹 角帯 / 紗角帯
black pure silk kakuobi for summer neige pure silk kakuobi for summer

A very thin obi made from pure silk which creates a stiff, lightweight and breathable fabric, which would be really appreciated in the summer.
The end of both sides of the obi have a section that has been made soft to allow creating the knot.

Length: 410cm, width: 10cm
Material: silk 100%

Tabi inner sock - 足袋インナー
tabi inner sock package tabi inner sock tabi inner sock put on

Heat plus Fit!. A warm and comfortable feeling can be obtained in the winter when putting on this (thermo) inner sock. This anti-static sock is thin and stretchy, giving it an excellent fit. The ankle length is shorter than a standard tabi sock making sure it stays hidden during a walk. For the longer stays outdoor "Tabi Inner (LONG)" is adviced.

Length: (M) 22.5~24.5cm, (L) 25~27cm
Material: Acrylic 39.6%, Polyester 31.1%, Rayon 25.2%, Polyurethane 3.1%

Tabi inner sock (LONG) - 足袋インナー (LONG)
long tabi inner sock package long tabi inner sock long tabi inner sock closeup long tabi inner sock detail

This warm inner tabi sock does not stop at the heel but extends further up the leg. Like the short tabi, this sock is also made anti-static, elastic and has a excellent and comfortable fit. This sock is much warmer (and a bit thicker) then the short inner tabi sock.
Usually delivered in a skin like color (light/dark beige) to make them less noticable when wearing.

Length: (one-size) 22.5~2.4.5cm , total size: 40cm
Material: Rayon 30%, Plyurethane 45%, Nylon 20%, Rubber 5%

Warm fleece tabi - あったかフリース 足袋
warm fleece tabi package warm fleece tabi sole warm fleece tabi inner different colors warm fleece tabi

Fluffy and warm fleece which give a good protection from the cold without the need to put on 2 socks. There is a version with the 5 fastening clasps and a stiff sole (White) and a version without clips and stiff sole (White, Gray, Cafe au lait, Black)

Length: (S) 21.5cm~22.0cm (M) 22.5cm~23.5cm (L) 23.5cm~24.5cm (2L) 25.0cm~25.5cm
(3L) 26.0cm~26.5cm (4L) 27.0cm~28.0cm
Material: Outer - Nylon 100%, Inner - Polyester 100% (fleece), Sole - Polyster 100%

Correction undershirt - 補正襦袢
thermal insulation vest thermal insulation vest half open men's kimono thermal insulation undershirt

Keep your upper body warm, including shoulder and back with this cotton packed vest.
For the real cold fearing people there is even an inner storage pocket where things like pocket-warmers can be placed.
Besides keeping you warm it can also be used to 'correct' your body shape for slender people.

(M) 88 ~ 96cm which corresponds with people height: 160cm ~ 170cm
(L) 96cm ~104cm which corresponds with people height: 170cm ~ 180cm
Material: Outside is Polyester, Inside is 100% Cotton

Ultra water-repellent tabi cover - 超撥水足袋カバー
ultra repellent tabi cover package ultra repellent tabi cover ultra repellent tabi cover closeup

Above (inner) tabi versions are great for during the winter cold, but they do not performa really well when it rains. Enter the hassui tabi cover, walk with peace of mind during a rainy day knowing that the rain will just slide of these sock cover thanks to the breathable waterproof Polyurethane film. No fastening clips, white only.

Length: (S) 22.0~22.5cm (M) 23.0~23.5cm (L) 24.0~24.5cm (LL) 25.0~25.5cm (3L) 26.0~26.5cm (4L) 27.0~27.5cm
Material: (front) Nylon 100%, (inner) Polyurethane film, (back) Polyester 100%

Rain zori - 雨草履
rain zori for men tatami version rain zori for men underside rain zori for men black rain zori for men different colors

For cold weather or rain or snow outing.
Cover on the toe are added to prevent getting dirty from mud splashes. Sandals area made from urethane that do not allow rain water to infiltrate. Sandals with front covers can be worn not only for measures against cold weather but also for dust, so it will be useful not only when rain or snow falls.

Be sure to choose a version which covers your whole feet. If the zori is smaller then your feet there is a possibility that the feet will get wet.

(M) length 25cm, width 9.5cm, height 2.5~4cm. (japanese) feet size 24.5 to 25.5 cm
(L) length 26.5cm, width 10cm, height 2.5~4cm. (japanese) feet size 26 to 27 cm
Material: Bottom - Synthetic rubber, top - Vinyl, inner - Urethane foam

Collar core - 衿芯
kimono collor core kimono collor core kimono collor core

If you want to make the neck part of the kimono/nagajuban stiffer but don't want to insert that solid inflexible plastic collar (left image) then the new alternatives have arrived (mid and right image).

Length: 88-90cm, width: 4cm
Material: Polyethylene 100%

Washing princess - せんたく姫
washing princess package washing princess washing princess with garment washing princess ready to be washed

In a normal kimono laundry net (洗濯ネット) the kimono can move inside the net during the washing process. Sentaku Hime has an extra inner part to prevent this and straps to tie it all into a roll to really lock it into place. Only for those washable (check label) linen, cotton and polyester kimono's. The kimono does indeed not move around but reading mixed reactions about the washing water reaching the whole kimono. (maybe tied to tight ?)

Length: outside 46x43cm, inner net 40x40cm
Material: Polyester 100%

Tsurukosan - つる子さん
tsurukosan package kimono hanger kimono hanger tsurukosan kimono hanger

A new version of the kimono hanger. The normal kimono hanger can be quite wide, this solution solves that situation, you can even hang the kimono in the closet now.
Small drawback with this solution could be the price of 3000 Yen or higher.

Length: Vertical 33.5cm, Horizontal 50cm, sleeve length 45cm~53cm
Material: Stainless steel

T-shirt kimono underwear - 和装Tシャツ襦袢
hadajuban with fixed collar kimono underwear t-shirt kimono underwear closeup collar underwear

An easy to put on t-shirt with a collar that has been made a little bit stiffer to make sure it does not get shabby. Thanks to the quick drying fabric it will not get sticky and makes it ideal for summer.
The collar overlapping part on the chest is adjustable with velcron. (most right image if you look carefully)
This comfortable and easy to use shirt does come however at a price. (Last checked 5400Yen)

Length: (S) 65cm, (M) 68cm, (L) 71cm, (LL) 74cm, (3L) 77cm - (LL=180cm 3L=185cm)
Material: Shirt: Polyester 100%, Eri: Polyester 100%

Cloth layer (date/han) eri pin - 重ね衿ピン
eri pin eri pin eri pin

On a hot day when you don't feel like it or just haven't got the time to sew on a dateeri on your kimono, enter the eri pin. A handy contraption to clip the dateeri to your kimono. Fast, cheap and easy.

Length: 3x2cm
Material: Steel

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A big thanks to ep.224 of Kimono3daime video where most of these accessories were covered and Rakuten Japan for providing additional information.