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How to make a Makibasami musubi

(a knot famously used by bosses)

A interesting belt which I wanted to try just once, but with only 4 screenshots and no video I found it impossible to reproduce.
Hopefully you have more luck/skill.

Creating a Makibasami 1

Place the center of the obi to the waist so that to the left and right side the same length remains.
If you want the result to be covering the whole stomach or by make it much smaller, the width is according to preference

Creating a Makibasami 2

Depending on the length of the obi, the ends can end up at the back.

Creating a Makibasami 3

Mysterious magic moment ......

Creating a Makibasami 4

You're done!
Execute the standard final touch of pulling the front down and the back up.

The original Japanese page where these images came from can be found at Kimono Taizen