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Various kaku-obi musubi

Various foto's of obi knots that i have found on the web but with no further comments or instructions.
Probably one time inventions of kimono wearers which can make it a refreshing excersise to try it yourself.

youtube thumbnail of ginza obiOtoko Ginza musubi

Lost the source for this obi, only this image left.
youtube thumbnail of wearing tabiKatawana Musubi

A fun and incredibly easy obiknot for men! Due its diagonal position, it is not only different from regular knots, it makes it more interesting too. Perfect if you want to spice up your ensemble and make it stand out from the crowd!
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youtube thumbnail of kichiya knotKichiya musubi / 角帯で「吉弥結び」

I personally find this a very nice obi knot.
youtube thumbnail of morowana knotMorowana musubi (kaku version) / 男の帯の結び方 ~片わな結

In one of the three major basic knot obi knot, with the name of the bow and ribbon tie, is the knot that has been widely known from children to adults. Tie by mainly using the waistband, but the atmosphere of the finish will change depending on the material and the length of the band. Band of synthetic fibers trick is tie firmly so that it does not unravel.
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youtube thumbnail of morowana knot"Otaiko" (Kodaiko) / 「小太鼓」結び

"Otaiko" (Kodaiko), flat knot fot the times when you will drive a car, ride a Shinkansen or train, go to the movies or theater, a Meal at a cafe etc. Easy backrests Flat knot for male and female.
For man it can be applied also in a Kunitakita Musubi, suitable for underwear or a hakama such as Kendo Hakama. The root of the handling is a refined version of a Karuta knot.
Only 1 video found so far